6 Thoughtful Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts


Mum’s deserve to feel special… while it’s nice to get our Mum’s expensive gifts, sometimes our finances just don’t allow it. My mum deserves a whole island, sadly she’ll just have to settle for a picnic at the beach.

Here are six inexpensive ways to spoil Mum this Mother’s Day. They’re thoughtful, easy to make, and won’t strain the bank account. Sometimes it’s the thought and love that goes into something that is appreciated the most.

  1. Pick Mum some flowers, even green leafy stuff can go a long way when mixed up with a few bright flowers. This bunch has been presented in a well decorated ‘Baked Bean’ tin (don’t you love recycling). And when these Zinnia’s dry out Mum can throw the dried buds back into the garden and a whole new bunch will grown from the seeds.


  2. Make Mum some Scrunchies... My Mum loves scrunchies. I’m pretty sure she’s been wearing them since the 80’s (even when they went out of trend). I’ve made her some bright new ones so she can feel like a hipster once again. Seriously, she will love them! Follow this link for instructions on how to make them…                         How to make a scrunchie

    3. Make Mum some handmade jewellery. My mum loves bright colourful things. She especially likes blue. I made her a two-toned bangle that I hope she will enjoy wearing. Of course you can always get the kids to help,have them thread a special beaded bracelet, or pasta necklaces are always popular!                                           Resin Bangle Casting

    4. Rose Scented Bath Salts are an indulgent way for a mum to relax. Make Mum a mini foot spa and throw a handful of these salts in. Turn on some relaxing music and let her enjoy a massage.  Make sure you paint her toes at the end!                   Rose Petal Bath Salts

    5. These Heart Sugar Cookies taste delicious and they are super simple to bake. You don’t have to be a pro cake decorator to pull these off. Make Mum a batch and share them over a hot cup of tea and some quality bonding time. It’s the simple things in life that are often most rewarding. Find the recipe here…                                     Heart Sugar Cookies

    6. And finally… Tasty Granola is always a popular treat to gift away. It’s perfect to enjoy over some warm oats on these cooler mornings, or maybe just enjoy it as a snack, or sprinkled on some yogurt. You can put it in cute jars and decorate it in sweet ways. Mum is guaranteed to love this one!                                                     Granola Gift Jars

    57486463_2006257639496817_2825055708637036544_nWell that’s all for now folks… I hope this has inspired you to make something amazing for your Mum. And don’t forget a great big hug! Happy Mother’s Day to all the well deserving Mums out there! Xx

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