Christmas Tiered Stand Decor

79853612_2155247051450238_471454329539133440_nEvery year I complain “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas”. And this year is no exception, I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, or if it’s the extra child, the added responsibilities; I have no idea. But I’m certainly not ready for Christmas in 3 days time!

I usually get all my shopping done early, I love wrapping and displaying the presents beautifully under the tree (a tad OCD with the presents if I’m being completely honest). But this year I haven’t even wrapped the gifts yet, and the ones that are on display under our tree were wrapped by my 7 year old (he’s used a roll of tape on every gift and not one of them remotely resembles a neat square shape). We haven’t baked a single Christmas treat either… I think I’ve turned into the Grinch! (Actually no, that’s my husband; he’s always been ‘anti’ Christmas).


So today… In attempt to motivate myself, I put this little beauty together (and I’m happy to report, I’m feeling much more festive). I’ve had this beautiful farm style kitchen stand sitting on my front patio for over 12 months now. Every time the girls come over for drinks I ask them “what should I do with that stand?” We come up with all sorts of ideas, and of course the next day I’ve forgotten them all.


Well ladies… today was the day! This beautiful Christmas arrangement will sit on our Christmas table for the next week or so (and then it’s back to the drawing board). I think I’ll keep making pretty little festive and seasonal displays like this one… any other ideas on what I could use the stand for? I love it’s beautiful rustic-ness, but I just don’t have the room in my kitchen for it anymore.

I hope this inspires a little festivity… Merry Christmas!



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