Zero Waste Fishing Game


We love sushi! About once a month, on shopping day we grab some to take home for dinner. And every time we receive about six of these little fish shaped soy sauce tubes (and sadly none of us use them). So today instead of wasting them I turned them into a little game.

It took about half an hour to make, and a little patience. Firstly I gathered up some materials.

  • A stick
  • twine
  • food colouring
  • containers
  • a dropper
  • water
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • magnets (you can cut up an old flexi fridge magnet)
  • a metal washer80579772_445417456412761_3304415221837201408_nStart by emptying and rinsing the soy sauce tubes (don’t waste the sauce, use it in a meal or save it for later). In the containers mix some water with the food dye, use a dropper to carefully fill each fish, you may need to squeeze out air bubbles as you go. Screw the caps back on and completely dry the outside of each fish.80388162_2758034450942282_8107955110094569472_n

Use the hot glue gun to glue the magnets to the fish. Cut your twine to your desired length, use the hot glue to attach one end of the twine to the stick (aka fishing rod) and attach the other end of the twine to the metal washer. Be sure to check before hand that your washer and magnets are large enough to magnetize and hold the weight of the fish.




Easy As! Now you’re little ones are all set to go fishing. You could make a few rods for a two or more player game, and add more fish if you have them. Get the kids involved and show them how things can be recycled and saved from landfill.

Happy fishing!

See our Elf of the Shelf using the game here… Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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