The Magic ‘Elf on the Shelf’ glove


We love Elf on the Shelf! Yesterday my son had a bit of a meltdown because the elf wasn’t anywhere to be found (he was just in a really good hiding spot). But I went along with it and played the old “well maybe your room was too messy and Santa told him to stay away” card. He was so upset, but to be honest his room was a total pigsty.  “But I look forward to seeing Alfie when I wake up” he blabbed, so I helped him pick up a few toys. After breakfast,  when he ducked to the bathroom to brush his teeth who should surprise him…? Alfie! But Alfie was holding his toothbrush so we had to very carefully pull the toothbrush away, careful not to touch our efl.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to touch our elf. Maybe he is in an annoying spot, maybe he has fallen, maybe it was accidental… If this happens we usually just sing a Christmas song to help the magic return quickly. But this year Alfie sent us this special glove made from SNOW STRING and SUGAR FIBER. It is thick and ensures that no magic is lost if we touch him while wearing this glove.78716655_1488796684618305_314225901933953024_n.jpg

I purchased my glove from K-mart (its actually a shower mitten) I cut some red felt to match our elf’s collar and hot glued it around the wrist part of the glove (only on the top side so that big hands can still fit inside). Then I put it back in the plastic packaging and attached my own label over the top of the store bought label.


Print this picture, use it to attach to the top of the packaging to make it look like it has come direct from the North Pole.


You can use the glove to move the elf so that he can watch the children play or tidy up, a great reminder taht Santa is watching and to encourage all those good behaviors.


For more Elf on the shelf ideas check out this post Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Happy Elfing!


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