Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It’s December 6 which means our elf has been back for a whole 6 days already!!! Call me crazy… but, I LOVE finding new ways for our elf to visit each night. In case you’ve been on Pluto for the past few years, I’ll catch you up…

‘Elf On The Shelf’ is a Christmas tradition. Your family receives a scout elf. On his first visit you must choose a name for him and read his special story to your child. The story explains that the elf is magic. He patiently watches everything your child does during the day (you may talk to him, but no touching or he’ll loose his magic). Then, when your child goes to sleep at night the elf  uses his magic to fly back to Santa and tell him all of the things he observed (good and bad), and when he returns the next day he is in a new spot (that’s how you know he’s magic!).

Now some of these elves are extremely cheeky and do some absurd things, sometimes they’re hidden and very hard to find, sometimes they may leave notes or gifts, and quite often they play mischievous tricks that make the family laugh… and wonder!

Elves are great visual reminders to encourage positive behavior in children, they’re also a whole lot of fun and a great way to bring the family together. Yes, even the dad’s jump on board and get involved for a laugh.

But the catch is you have to keep finding new things for your elf to be doing each night when he returns (that’s 24 nights of commitment). So here are a few of our favourite elf antics to give you some inspiration. I’ll upload more as he continues to visit. Our elf’s name is Alfie and he has been visiting us since 2014. Would love to hear your elf name in the comments below… you may just inspire someone.


“You get it mum… you get it?”




Yuck! Alfie’s eyes were too big for his belly. Turns out he isn’t a fan of dog biscuits.




Because every 7 year old boy loves a bit of potty humor!


78414890_546977852532745_7554898253062340608_nQueensland… the Sunshine State. Bring us back some North Pole weather Alfie.



78245891_1204324169956751_3267103728540319744_nAlfie loves a good camp out with the reindeer.




I got a good laugh out of this one… more than anyone else in the family. #mumlife



Nothing like a bit of motivation to tidy up….




Who doesn’t love a puppy.




Well played Elf!!!





Alfie bought a caravan!!!



Inspired by a trip to the dentist.



Some last minute Christmas shopping for all the essentials… courtesy of Coles Mini Shop.


78599782_438276586790078_8731454030691172352_n (1)

For those ‘tricky’ situations. See the post here… The Magic ‘Elf on the Shelf’ glove

School holiday ‘boredom buster’… get the kids to make their own eco-friendly reindeer food. You can find instructions here… Eco Friendly Reindeer Food


Oh oh!!! Someone’s in trouble. I picked up a pack of these elf reports from the Reject Shop for $3. They’re brilliant.


Movie Night anyone…?


Enjoying a spot of fishing… Make your kids this zero waste fishing game. Look here… Zero Waste Fishing Game

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