Make your own beauty Advent Calendar

78411944_1281581238679433_4283374247260192768_nWell, 2019 has gone by with the blink of an eye. December is fast approaching, and with it, the usual Christmas madness. But here’s a treat for all the busy ladies and Mumma’s out there… an advent calendar to help you enjoy some chill time during all that madness. AND… it isn’t full of chocolate either, unless you want it to be. Make one for yourself, or give it to a friend; I had so much fun putting this together, I think I need one!

So you’ve seen the craze right? It started with just chocolate calendars for the kids to¬† count down until Christmas. Then they bought in deluxe versions filled with anything from Leggo to Matchbox cars; and yes, you’ll pay through the roof for them. And now grown ups are jumping on board, you can get advent calendars filled with makeup, alcohol, cheese; you name it! But they’re still pricey, I’m fairly sure you’re just paying for the packaging. 76998712_421412865434420_4715778265992658944_n.jpg

Last week while I was in K-mart I went a little silly in the beauty section, they have heaps of great products, and so cheap; I love the face masks. I decided I wanted to make an advent calendar for a friend.

I selected 12 items (yep, we’re just celebrating 12 Days of Christmas), but you could choose 24 if you love wrapping. I used some half matching wrapping papers and did my best to wrap everything as square as possible. I found a straight stick in the yard and sprayed it with gold paint, then tied some jute on either end so that it could be hung. I then alternated with twirling ribbon and string and strategically hung the presents to make them look aesthetically pleasing, I think I succeeded. 75625416_560288067850726_4065287198222581760_n.jpg

It was pretty simple really, I think this will be so fun to open and enjoy each day before Christmas; perfect for some self love! And you could easily make one for yourself, I’ve already forgotten what I wrapped in all those pretty little parcels.

As I was making this I thought it would be great to make a sea themed calendar using driftwood, you could hang shells and starfish alongside the presents and mix it with some mint coloured wrapping.

Have fun shopping and wrapping!


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