5 Minute Vegan Smoothie Recipes


I am so happy to be sharing these goodies with you. I’ve always been a fussy eater with a sweet tooth, I’ve developed some terrible eating habits over the years, now I’m really trying hard to create some healthier routines. I find smoothies so convenient, and a great way to get multiple fruits, veg, and nutrients in a single serving. The best part is there is no cooking involved, simply chop, blitz ,and enjoy on the go. I use a Nutribullet to make all my smoothies, it doesn’t take up much bench space, and I can drink straight from the cup once the smoothie has been blended.

Below you will find my five favourite smoothies, they’re sweet and delicious; hard to believe they’re so healthy. My son and I play a game… he has to taste them and try guess the flavours and ingredients, he is usually shocked when he learns these tasty ‘milkshakes’ contain things like spinach and nuts. He normally doesn’t look twice at a piece of spinach on his dinner plate, but hand him a green drink and call it a dinosaur smoothie and he’ll give it a good go!

So here are… our top 5!

Strawberry & Peaches Smoothie


This was one of Mr 7’s faves. And if you ask me it tastes like a summer picnic. If peaches aren’t in season you can opt for the canned version. Peaches are said to aid digestion, reduce allergy symptoms, and improve heart health. Strawberries are packed with Vitamin C, folate, and are also beneficial for heart health. I use coconut milk as it’s our favourite dairy-free alternative, but you could substitute for any milk of choice.


The Toucan Smoothie


The Toucan Smoothie tastes so good it could almost be a cocktail  (like a Pina Colada. Actually, I would absolutely try this with Malibu). The flavours of pineapple, mango, and coconut make it so refreshing and tropical. Among many other vital nutrients, both mango and pineapple are loaded with Vitamin C making this the perfect immunity boosting smoothie.

Berry Purple Smoothie


Not your typical berry smoothie. This smoothie has the added nutrients of Acai Powder; this super-food is loaded with antioxidants and could boost brain function. Did you know berries are one of the healthiest things you can eat…? packed with antioxidants, high in fiber, full of nutrients, they have anti-inflammatory properties, and are good for your skin! Say no more.

Choc Mint Smoothie


Nothing beats the flavour combination of chocolate and mint. This smoothie is so packed with flavour and goodness, it’s hard to believe it is healthy. It felt good to be able to use fresh mint from my veggie garden. Loaded with protein, iron, fiber and potassium. Perfect for an energy fix and a skin detox. I also discovered a fun fact… did you know that botanically a banana is a berry; who would have thought it?

Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie


I loved this smoothie!!! It looked so pretty (and pink!), but it had this slightly sour taste that reminded me of lemonade, the real stuff. If you’re not a fan of sour add a little more coconut cream and honey to break through the lemon. Raspberries (another super-food) are full of Vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants; they’re great for your skin and complexion. Drink enough of these, and maybe you’ll take years off your face; good luck!

As always thanks for reading, do yourself a favour and make yourself a smoothie, each one took less than five minutes to make. Your body will thank you for it.



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