How to make a scrunchie

60323316_2401895066710525_8944896811332534272_nScrunchies…they’re like hair elastics… but harder to loose! Once you learn how to make these you’ll never have to worry about loosing your last hair tie again! They’re sinch to make and you can go crazy with different fabrics to match just about any outfit you own.

I made up a bunch of these in about an hour (and that included clean up). Normally it takes me forever to get motivated to clean up after a sewing sesh, not this time (I really do need a sewing room)!

These scrunchies aren’t as thick as some I’ve seen. You can always cut your material thicker if you’d prefer a chunkier scrunchie. I find these are just fine, they’re a similar size to my store bought ones that I’m used to. 60071550_513211402549518_768790590409146368_n

To make…

You will need: 

Material strips (mine were about 20cm x 6cm)



  1. Once you’re got you’re strips cut to size press them with an iron.60138784_661659574293047_4967974115639033856_n
  2. Now press down an edge of one of the widths and sew across.
  3. Next fold the strip in half (length ways with fabric design on the inside) and press.59991572_848133468877480_5096551529377169408_n

4. Now sew along the open edge of the length. Leave both ends open.

5. Now turn the strip inside out so that the fabric design is now present.

6. Thread the elastic through the openings (a safety pin attached to one end makes it easier to pull through).

7. Sew or tie the elastic together, join the fabric ends together… and tadarr, all complete!

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