Cactus DIY using recycled materials

60009952_588060301700335_4796591026309431296_nCacti are all the rage right now… I’m a little addicted. But seriously how cute are these! I’m in the middle of a lounge room re-style, and once I get everything sorted I have the perfect place to put these.

If you’re looking to try this project out you’ll be impressed to know it cost me $0 to make; you too probably have everything you need at home already.59596945_846966358973720_9167979749148983296_n.jpg

You will need:

Recycled food cans – washed & labels removed (I used a spaghetti and Milo can)

Old newspaper

Timber offcuts

Small tac nails

Jigsaw cutter



Sand & little pebbles

Scissors, ruler & pencil

PVA Glue

Blue/Green paint



  1. First draw your cactus shape onto the timber (I free hand drew mine –  it looked like a mitten). The timber I had was leftover from a caravan renovation, I just couldn’t throw it out; it had pencil markings and drawing all over it, this condition is fine; we’ll paint and sand over it (recycling is best!).
  2. Now cut out the shape using the jigsaw. Sand and smooth along the edges until you’re happy with the result.
  3. Now it’s time to paint… I used a chalk based paint, but any old paint will do. I think these would look great in different shades of blue and green.
  4. While you wait for the paint to dry… get started on covering the can (aka cacti pot) with newspaper. I measured and cut my newspaper to size, then covered one side of the paper with pva glue. Now carefully stick the paper to the can, it was easier than I thought and  rolled along with the can easily enough. Set the pot aside to dry.
  5. Once the painted cacti are dry, lightly sand away parts of the paint and edges to create a rustic and weather look. Once you’re happy the the authenticity, start hammering. Randomly hammer the nails into place ensuring they are jaggered and well spaced.
  6. Now half fill your pot with sand, place the cacti into the pot, continue filling with sand; leaving room at the top to lay the decorative pebbles.
  7. All done! Enjoy your new cacti that requires zero attention or watering; display it in your home or present it as a gift. (Share photo’s if you give it a go)!

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