Brighten up your home with a taste of Mexico

Whenever I think Mexico I think bright, vibrant colours, beautiful art, and of course, tacos! I love pops of colour, and today after all this gloomy, rainy weather I decided I needed to give the house a bit of a freshen up, a bit of a pop!

I had found an old frame at the op shop for $1. I sanded it back, gave it three coats of paint (just a cheap fast drying craft paint from K-mart). Once it was dry I sanded over all the edges to create a weathered, chippy look (this look best suits my decor style). I gave the glass a clean up, you’d hardly know it was a $1 frame.

Next was the fun part… finding just the right image. I knew I wanted one of Frida Kahlo’s self portraits but which one. Her paintings are so bight with flowers and designs, it was hard to choose.

I finally decided on a copy of The Frame (1938). I found a picture online, printed, and cut it to size. The contrasting colours of the print and the frame went together perfectly. I’ve displayed it on a buffet stand with some other bright pieces I had hanging around… what do you think?58376384_498256410712550_2644456452713873408_n.jpg

This whole craft was complete within a few hours (the longest being drying time) and now I have a beautiful bright pop of Mexico to admire each time I walk through the door.58441859_1046445265561533_4184514554056671232_n

If you’ve never looked into the history  behind Frida’s artwork I’d encourage you to read up about her, she lead quite a fascinating and challenging life. Diagnosed with polio at a young age, it left her with a limp. She suffered a traumatic bus accident where she sustained further long term injuries and the inability to have children. An on/off marriage where her and her husband were both unfaithful and lived in separate houses. She further battled more health complications including mental illnesses and gangrene, which later lead to amputation. Frida suffered from depression and anxiety, she took to alcohol and painting to help her deal with the ongoing pain and suffering she constantly felt. Frida was challenged by her identity, she chose to paint her unibrow and mostache in her paintings, she accentuated the flowers and beautiful dresses as a way of balancing the gender stereotypes.

I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best. -Frida Kahlo

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