Make an ANZAC Wreath at home – with Rosemary and Natives

ANZAC Day has always been an important part of my family, and our countries culture. However the last few years it has hit home particularly hard. When my husbands dad (a Vietnam Veteran) passed away a few years ago it shed a whole new light on the meaning of ANZAC and Remembrance Day. We started a new tradition; first to help us heal, but now to help us remember… We make a wreath using clippings from our garden. The boys lay it at the ceremonies, our 6 year old says it helps him remember his Poppy who is in the clouds.

The wreath itself is so simple to make and it is a great way to get the family (especially kids) involved. Not to mention all the conversations and new things they can learn along the way (can they spot any native plants?). The first step is to gather some stalky grass. We have this particular pest of a grass that sends off long runners and strangles any goodness in it’s sight, conveniently it is best for making wreaths (sorry we have no idea what it’s called – but as pictured). Pull up as many runners as you desire and prune any stragglie bits.


Next make a circle of about the size you want. You may wish to use some fine wire to join the ends. Now start your weave… under, over, under, over, REPEAT. I don’t worry about using wire or joining the grass pieces, I just tuck them into a gap and keep weaving. I keep the weave quite loose and spaced so that I can use gaps to tuck the grass ends into, and later stuff with flowers.


Keep weaving until you are happy with the shape, size, and thickness. You may wish to use the fine wire to tie down any loose pieces now, you can also trim any that are out of place or hard to tame.

Now its time to collect your native plants if you haven’t already. I used Grevillea and some little yellow wildflower natives that pop up around our yard, I’ve also included Rosemary for remembrance.  58610212_326280698034890_8584925964348162048_n (1).jpg

Trim the stems and poke them into the gaps in the wreath, decorate as desired. The great thing about using natives is they are quite hearty and susceptible to dry conditions. You will find that they keep well and will sustain the day without wilting. I make mine the day before and find they keep well.

I hope you’ve found this informative and find time to pay your respects this ANZAC Day.

Lest We Forget.

57593668_298540544375351_1578398716048441344_n (1)

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