35 Years of Marriage

My parents have been married for 35 years. They are the most easy going people and have the truest love I’ve ever known. They don’t really do gifts, there is never anything they really need. They are both collectors of antiques so anything that’s displayed in their home has to be very unusual, old, and have a good tale behind it. Naturally when I knew their wedding anniversary was approaching I wanted to get them something nice… but the criteria was really hard to meet. What to do…?

Well it just so happened that mum was about to donate a bunch of old books. One of them was an old Banjo Patterson book. I was particularly drawn to this book as we used to recite the poems when we were younger (a dorky family tradition – but Australian none the less). I took the book home and flipped through some pages to see if I could recognize any. And there in the middle of the pages was mum’s flower crown from her wedding day, she had preserved it in the book! It was like I’d just discovered treasure, an idea started to form in my head…


I had seen these beautiful cloche dish displays on Pinterest and had always wanted to make one, but never quite knew how or what with. I knew mum had a large cloche dish sitting in her garden, I called in and asked if I could borrow it for a craft project (this is not unusual behavior for me) she happily handed me the dish. It was tarnished and brown, perfectly aged to match the dried flower crown. Then I went to my cupboard and started finding all kinds of bits and bobs. A preserved butterfly, some pearls, more dried flowers, a doily, a small crystal vase, an old brooch. I then printed off one of their only wedding photos and carefully gave it that aged look. I assembled the items within the cloche dish and it just looked so beautiful and unique, it came together perfectly.

I was so proud to drop it off on their anniversary, to see it displayed with all their other old collectible pieces, it matched them to a tee; like it had been sitting on their mantle for the last 35 years.


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