A Chocolate free Easter

We haven’t gone completely chocolate free… but I have minimized the amount of chocolate that the bunny is bringing this year (ok, I already ate most of it). But here are my top three gender neutral DIY Easter goodies for kids (and a few added extras).

The first is a little snuggle bunny. Now you might have heard me mention my budgeting skills… well this little guy technically cost me nothing. He is made from fabric of an old dress (well a new dress that I purchased on ebay, I was sucked in… turned out it looked nothing like the model – but it does make a great bunny). I used a pattern from Pinterest and stuffing from an old pillow. I whipped two of these little guys up in a few hours. DSC_0102 (2).JPG

The next project came from the same famous ebay dress fabric (and I still have plenty left). So yes technically it cost nothing to make. Its a quick, easy tote bag and I added a bunny to the front to add the ‘Easter effect’. It is the perfect size to slip a few books into, or maybe a new set of pajamas and some slippers – just in time for the cool change?

DSC_0103 (2).JPG

And this last project was so simple, and I thought super cute. It’s a carrot pencil holder, perfect to accompany an Easter colouring or activity book. I’m sure my son will use it alongside his snuggle bunny and pretend it’s his snack – children have a great sense of imagination. I made it from felt I had buried away in the craft box – yep, you betcha, budget queen! DSC_0078 (2)I’ve put everything together in a little case, along with some bunny themed books and our usual Easter decorations. I feel like it has come together nicely and you’d hardly even notice the chocolate is missing… right? I’ll keep you posted on the reaction tomorrow…

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